5 Benefits of Window Well Covers for Homes

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If you live in a house with a finished basement, you probably heard about window wells at least once or twice. Having a hole around your basement window brings tons of benefits, including improved natural light and ventilation.

However, certain problems can arise such as drainage issues and floods during rainstorms. Luckily, all of those window well issues can be avoided very easily. Just putting on a simple transparent lid on top of the well will save you tons of worries and money for potential repairs. 

To make the most out of your basement waterproofing system, make sure to keep everything updated. Window well covers are a nice place to start and here are the 5 reasons why:

  1. Increased Security 

Burglars are known for finding any weak spot in your home and using it for their advantage. Unprotected or uncovered basement windows can become vulnerability under some circumstances. 

Window well covers are extremely difficult to open from the outside, therefore intruders can completely forget about getting in through the basement.

Additionally, basement windows are always amazing for emergency exit routes. A strong, durable cover that only you can open can prove very beneficial in certain situations.

  1. Energy Efficiency 

We all know that heated or cool air on the inside can escape through old or damaged windows. Additionally, the average life of windows is 25 years and that is only if the weather conditions are ideal. 

Window well covers serve as additional barriers between your interior and the strange weather outside. Do the math yourself! New vinyl windows cut 15% of energy spending, how much more do you think a tight and strong well cover can reduce?

If you plan on creating a guest room or renting out your basement, window well covers are necessary. You would want your guests to feel as comfortable and warm as possible. 

  1. Less Water Damage 

We mentioned before how drainage issues can arise in window wells during severe rainstorms. Even though window wells are surrounded by drains, difficult weather or improper maintenance can lead to clogs and floods inside. 

Having a lid on top of your window well means that you won’t have to remove debris and unclog the drains after each storm. Not having a window well cover can result in extreme water accumulation, eventually causing foundation cracks and basement floods. 

Imagine what could happen during severe snowstorms. Give your basement waterproofing system a little space to breathe! The draining job is much easier to do when there aren’t multiple water sources.

  1. Safety Measure 

Well covers are especially recommended to homeowners who like to calculate and prevent risky situations. From falling in the window well to having your cat escape your home, an open hole next to your basement might not sound like a good idea after all!

However, window wells are the number one gadget you can have for fighting bad weather and poor basement conditions. To avoid the risks, it brings along with it, simply put a cover on top.

This way you won’t have to be afraid of any unpleasant situations like tripping and falling in. Moreover, these covers are extremely child friendly and may help you be more at ease while your children are playing in the backyard. 

  1. No Pests 

This benefit is my favorite one! With having a strong barrier between your backyard soil and basement window, pesticides will have a much harder time getting in. Nobody likes to have them in their home, but unfortunately everyone does.

Besides insects, basements are also vulnerable to squirrels and rats. Instead of calling animal control every year, just install a window well cover. This is also a safety measure since rodents and pests bring tons of infections and diseases with them. 

Consult with experts to decide on the ideal window well cover for your home. Did you know that you can also install special ones which increase aesthetical and home value?

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