5 Minor DIY Kitchen Upgrades You Can Make if You don’t have a Budget

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If you are considering to skimp on kitchen renovation this year because you are on a tight budget, hold on. You can still make some minor adjustments and make your kitchen more efficient and functional within your budget! Don’t believe us? Here are some of the easiest DIY upgrades by Cuisines Modena you can make while saving on the costs at the same time.

  • Change your curtain

Fabric tends to catch up on the smells of the kitchen and fade away in colors as well. For an instantaneous change, go for a bolder statement with your curtains. Always keep in mind that your options are never limited to what you will find in typical departmental stores. All you need is just one or two lines of sewing and you can change any piece of material into curtains, but for that you should have best sewing machine. You can also save up on the costs by choosing a discount fabric.

  • Change the faucets as well

Old or hard water stained faucets may dull away the look of your kitchen. Go for some sleek new styles on the basis of the current trends or the classic of all models. Easy replacement is always possible with the help of a wrench.

  • Cover the wall in cork

For most of the homes, kitchen is the center of all activities. You may hang items on a fridge or may have a bulletin board as well. You can broaden the scale of the project as well. Invest in budget friendly cork and attach these tiny sheets to the wall to get a custom corkboard. If the wall seems overdone, consider to put just a single strip or a part or just the door. You can also paint the door or wall with chalkboard paint and when it dries up, you can use it like a blackboard.

  • Repaint the space

Just like the color of the curtain may fade away in the kitchen, the same goes for paint as well. Rather than changing the paint color, choose a color that is darker than the present color. This way, you don’t have to purchase a primer and just a coat of paint should cover the walls well.

  • Add a floating island

You can also invest in a cheap floating island kit from any home improvement or department store. pay heed to the instructions that come along and put the parts together. Before installing, re-stain or repaint the pieces if they don’t align with your current décor. Kitchen islands also make your space look big and change the look completely.

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