A complete guide to building your own home

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It’s wonderful being able to say you built your home from the ground up. While many people look for home builders, you can head up the project as the overall general contractor and outsource the labor to subcontractors.

Although you can save a lot of money taking this route, it’s important to know the fundamentals for overseeing the construction of a home. Once you have the blueprint and have decided to take the next step, there are a few things you need to know.

Why you need professional home builders:

  • Understand the Basics

Clearing the property is the first step, along with ordering a dumpster, portable toilets for the subcontractor, temporary utilities, and an electrician to connect the electricity. You also need a surveyor to indicate the property boundaries.

  • Foundation

You can’t build a home without a proper foundation. That means hiring excavators and foundation specialists who will install the footings of the home. This is a tedious and very expensive process, so there will be no turning back once this step begins.

  • Plumbing and Electric

Right before the final foundation is laid, plumbers and electricians need to come in and put in the pipes, and electricians should run any lines that need to be in the concrete slab. Once this is completed, the final concrete slab can be poured.

  • Frame it Out

Once the foundation is done, it’s time for the wall and floor framing, ceilings and roof. This is probably the easiest of all the steps, but professional home builders and roofers need to be hired to complete this portion of the job.

Professional home builders can work alongside you throughout the project to ensure you don’t leave any detail out and having their expertise can be invaluable.


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