CCTV Installation Helpful Tips 

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Installing a CCTV can be a tricky task for those who don’t have the know-how. The tips below on how to install a CCTV will help you to make the best choice when installing a CCTV surveillance camera to enhance the security of your home. 

 Do Proper Cabling

Try not to run the video cable parallel to the AC power cables, particularly the ones with high current. You should never let the RG59U Co-Ax runs to pass 200m for the color and 350m for the B/WA. You as well avoid any sharp bends on your cables. Do not over-tighten the cable-ties, you can do this by doing a wire-stripping with a crimping tool. 

Test before Installation

All the equipment should be tested before installation. This implies that you must make sure that you all the sub-sections of the whole installation process operates before doing a full installation. You should make sure that all mounting brackets of the outside domes are well-sealed to prevent the condensation in the camera after installation. For PTZ communication, you can also use CAT-5 or EIA rated RS232/422/485cabling. 

You Should Take in Time-Lapse VCR Considerations

You should time-lapse VCR considerations by servicing of the VCR and this will ensure continuous operation to provide you quality recordings. This will help you to record quality pictures that enable you to enhance the security of your home. This will also ensure that you save the original content, particularly when you start, stop or even pause the tape. 

You must do Proper Wireless Video Transmission

Wireless video transmission is essential if you want to do a proper installation in your receiver and transmitter. You also need to ascertain the possible source of any interference such as transformers, overhead powerlines, wireless LAN networks, or any other transmitters that will affect your power generating system.

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