Deer-Proof Garden Fences

When you have a vegetable garden, flower bed or orchard, chances are good that you’ve spent endless hours cultivating them. Protecting all of your hard work from marauding wildlife is probably among your chief concerns.

I know it has to be because it’s certainly one of mine. My sizable piece of rural property is my pride and joy. Unfortunately, it sometimes also is the source of my biggest heartaches. At least that used to be the case before I installed a deer fence.

The living has been pretty easy on my land ever since.

Right next to my property boundary is a large natural area that’s never been developed. Wildlife roams free there, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. However, that doesn’t mean that I’m ok with deer eating every flower, vegetable and tree that I’m trying to grow.

Soon after I moved to my property, it became clear that I was going to have to do something to keep the local deer population on their side of the border. Since I’ve never met a deer yet who could read a “No Trespassing” sign, I decided that a fence was the way to go.

I shortly discovered that there’s an astonishing variety of deer-proof fencing out there. Anything from a modest-looking plastic fence up to a 10-foot tall wooden structure advertised themselves to be the perfect means for keeping out the deer.

I could tell that the 10-foot tall wooden fence would keep out deer and pretty nearly any other critters that were likely to want to eat my produce, but it definitely came with some drawbacks.

Being solid wood and 10 feet tall, that fence was extremely visible. If I bought it and had it installed around the circumference of my property, it would be the major highlight in the view from every window. Moreover, regardless of where I stood outdoors, all I would see is that fence.

I also didn’t like that I couldn’t install the fence myself. That seemed like too much expense, especially since I’d purchased the property itself relatively recently. Even the materials for that wooden fence were costly.

Then, I had to factor in the maintenance. If you’ve ever owned a wooden fence, then you know that it takes work. I couldn’t imagine myself painting or staining all of those yards of wooden fencing every few years or even hiring someone else to do it.

That’s when I seriously began to consider a polypropylene deer-proof fence. It’s kind of like a large sturdy net that’s made of plastic. When viewed from a distance, it virtually disappears.

This meant that I could fence off my entire property, but not have to feel like the fence would be the main view out of my windows. Available in a variety of heights, I choose the 7.5 foot size as it seemed to be the perfect height for keeping out the deer without going overboard.

I choose the heavyweight weave because I wanted the best in terms of strength and durability. In fact, the manufacturer guarantees that these fences will last between 15 and 20 years with virtually no maintenance.

At a fraction of the initial cost of a wooden fence, this polypropylene fence was an undoubted bargain. Add to that the fact that no staining or painting is required over the years, and I was sold on the idea.

I also appreciated the fact that I could install the fence myself. I may not be the handiest person on the planet, but I believe in going the DIY route whenever it’s possible. Plus, the sense of accomplishment is something I just can’t get when someone else does the job for me.

Several years after the installation of my deer-proof fence around my garden and the rest of my land, and I couldn’t be happier. The deer have been kept out for good, and I discovered that I could get a rodent barrier that kept smaller animals out too.

The fence looks great. That is, when I notice it, which isn’t too often. I’ve been surprised and pleased by how well it blends into the landscape.

There’s always a beautiful view from every window, and I’m confident that no critters are going after my blooms and produce. I installed a couple of gates in the fence, and these are working great too.

If you’re having trouble with deer in your yard, then it’s time to take steps to address the problem with a deer-proof fence.


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