Different Ways to Open the Door Without Keys

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Locking yourself out of the house, losing your house keys or misplacing them can lead to the most frustrating situation. You are home but entering in the house becomes a hurdle. A challenge that tests both your mind and body. How do you get in the house?

  • Pick the lock

This is harder than it sounds. A locksmith is your best bet if you want to pick the lock without damaging. To pick a lock, you must have the skills and you can go ahead if you do and if not, call an emergency mobile locksmith. Picking a lock requires you to know the lock in question, the parts of the lock and how to pave through it and unlock. The locksmith makes it look easy and quick but the skill is in his mind unlike you who have seen lock picking movies.

  • Bump the lock

Lock bumping is used mostly by criminals and property owners don’t recommend it. It can however be used the right way to let you gain entry into your house. Only by the right person. Lock bumping is an efficient and convenient method and locksmiths used it as part of their lock opening methods until better ways came along.

Lock picking and bumping require special tools and skills to pull off.

  • Drilling the lock

Professional locksmiths discourage this method because it is more of a destructive way of opening the door. You will be forced to replace the entire lock and sometimes damage the door in the process. Before a locksmith results to drilling the lock, all the other methods must have failed or the owner prefers it.

It is not an easy process especially if you don’t know what you are doing. It takes a few minutes if you can align the drill properly at the top of the key way. If not, it can take you much longer and cause more damage.

If you want to unlock your door without keys, the best way is calling a locksmith for key cutting. Let the professional locksmith worry about the different methods that can be used to open your lock. A full insured and certified locksmith gets the job done easy, quickly and with no or minimal damages. Don’t get a locksmith whose first instinct is to drill the lock. There are better options and with the right skills and tools, the door can be easily unlocked.


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