Do I Need to Hire Someone to Replace My Skylights?

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There are waves of DIY projects on Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube, but there are still certain tasks where it’s best to hire a professional. Replacing your skylights is much more involved than replacing a window, for instance.

Not only are you having to work on your roof — which can be a bit dangerous for non-professionals — but you’re also risking leaks if you’re not able to get a good seal. Here’s what you need to consider when you decide whether to replace skylights yourself or to call in the pros.

Do You Really Need Skylight Replacement?

Sometimes your skylights may simply need a little update instead of a complete replacement. Anytime you’re replacing your roof, it’s a good idea to also replace your skylights at the same time.

This ensures that you have a solid fit and that you won’t have pesky leaks damaging your home. If you are seeing wet spots on your roof, your skylights are becoming foggy or are not letting in enough light, it’s probably time to look at replacements.

Do You Have the Right Tools for the Job?

Climbing on your roof may be relatively simple if you have a flat roof, but few people do. Climbing onto the roof is much different than perching there and performing a replacement.

You also have to get the skylights onto your roof, along with all the materials that you’ll need to perform the switch — and then safely get everything back to the ground. If you have any concerns, call the pros instead of taking a risk!

While you could potentially tackle skylight replacement with a solid plan of attack and a sturdy ladder, most people make the decision to request an estimate from a local roofing firm or building contractor to ensure that the work is done correctly — and safely — the first time.


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