Effects Of Improper Pet Waste Disposal To The Environment

Pet lovers and owners have often experienced high fines as a penalty for not picking after their dog or cat’s litter. Pet litter delivers an unpleasant smell and sight as well as cause a lot of negative impacts on the environment. It carries various bacteria and dangerous pollutants that can harm the earth as well as our health. Observing proper waste disposal, as well as hiring a friendly rubbish collection Sydney like Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal to get rid of the different types of rubbish in your home can help make sure that your waste gets removed in an efficient and environmentally-friendly manner.

If you want to know more about how your pet’s poop can damage the earth, then below are some of the negative environmental effects of improper waste disposal.

  • Damage To Aquatic Habitats

Have you ever seen dog waste in beaches or submerged in seawater? Litter on beaches is a major concern for aquatic habitats because the increasing number of poop starts a decaying process once it gets into the sea. It dissolves oxygen in the water while releasing ammonia in its place, which can kill fish, especially during summer, when the oxygen levels are low. When pet waste is uncontrolled, the toxins will eventually combine with other pollutants and even force some of the public beaches to shut down due to the unhealthy sea water.  It can also contribute to the nutrient pollution that creates algal blooms, which kills aquatic life and plants that can cause various illnesses, both pets, and people. Throwing your dog waste in proper bins or hiring a professional to get rid of pet waste as well as other types of trash can help in keeping the environment clean. Visit this site https://extracheaprubbishremoval.com.au/locations/parramatta/ for affordable and eco-friendly rubbish removal services.

  • Contaminate Water Sources

Pet waste mainly affects human-made streams and other natural bodies of water like lakes and river. However, it can also cause water contamination or pollution to local water supplies if introduced to the storm drain system. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, pet wastes that find its way into the stormwater basin may be carried to nearby water-receiving sources and affect the health of the people living in that area.

  • Lawn Burn

Although some people think pet waste is a good fertilizer for farms and gardens because of its nutrients, leaving it in your lawn can have the opposite effects. Natural pet poop can cause lawn burn and eventually kill grass and other plants.

  • Cumulative Effects

Even though a single dog waste may seem harmless to the environment, the cumulative waste generated by the number of dogs living in a community can create a large negative impact when proper pet waste disposal is not observed. That is why it is always important to keep your pet’s litter properly disposed of such as through scooping it into a plastic bag, flushing it in a toilet, using it as garden compost, or throwing it in pet trash where experts can dispose of it properly in an environmentally-friendly way.

Final Word

Having a pet in your household is a big responsibility, which is why pet owners should always dispose of their cat or dog’s litter efficiently. Proper pet waste disposal will benefit, not only the hygiene of your home and your overall health but also the cleanliness of the environmental.

Aside from properly disposing of your pet’s waste, there are many ways on how you can reduce the use of plastic, paper, and other wastes. Visit this site https://www.greenofficepartner.com/ if you want to reduce the reliance of your office on paper documents and reduce the amount of waste you throw to the environment.

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