Five Awesome Tips when Organising your Closet

Whatever the size of your closet is, you need to stay organise and have enough storage space. An organised closet makes it easy for you to find everything.  An organised closet means having a location for every type of clothing and accessory you own. But, you don’t really need a huge closet to stay organised. With the right closet organizers, you can keep your stuff in order. The way you organise your closet will differ based on the available space, the wardrobe’s size, and your lifestyle. But the tips below should help you organise your closet more easily:

Clear Out your Closet

Regardless of the type of close you have, think about what you have to store and where you want to store it. Take a look at what you have so you can understand the type of storage you need. When clearing out, make sure to remove everything from the clothes to the boxes, hangers, and folded blankets.

Categorize Items and Take Inventory

Organise your belongings into specific categories and take inventory. Like items can be placed in cardboard boxes, piles, or plastic containers. Make sure to use labels so you can keep track of every group of items. Begin with broader categories like shoes, clothes, and linens and then divide your stuff into smaller subcategories such as sheets, winter boots, and sweaters.

Take Care of the Small Stuff

Pay attention to smaller items such as batteries and toys. Group them together and place them in jars or bags. This way, you can be sure you don’t lose them among r piles and boxes of bigger items.

Designate a Place for Everything

As you organise your closet, return items that are out of place to their rightful places. However, stay focused on planning a closet a time. Keep in mind that disorganisation can cause you to make some bad storage decisions later. Also, during this time, eliminate any unwanted items. You can simplify this process by establishing basic rules upfront such as pairs of shoes, anything with holes, or socks without a partner should go.

Clean the Closet

Don’t fill the closet again with your decided must-haves unless you have cleaned it. Take this opportunity to wipe down its walls and mop or vacuum the floor. If you have to give your closet a new fresh coat of paint, pick one that is formulated to resist mold and mildew.

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