Five Tips when Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

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The right exterior paint scheme makes people in your neighborhood talk about your home in a good way. Exterior hues impact the entire street which puts pressure on homeowners in terms of picking a palette. Additionally, you need to deal with other factors unique to your exteriors such as landscaping, roofing, landscaping, and more. When choosing an exterior paint palette, consider the tips below:

Consider your Neighbors

While you can get paint color ideas from the house next door, you should not copy your neighbor. Pick paint colors that set your home apart without clashing with nearby homes. Pick house colors while considering what is around you. This can mean complementing, contrasting, or blending with the colors of surrounding homes.

Consider the Surfaces that Remain in Place

Unless you are planning to do a complete property overhaul, surfaces like tiles, stonework, driveways, roof shingles, and others must be taken into account when choosing exterior colors. You may choose your palette through the undertones between these surfaces. Choose paint colors that tie these fixed elements together harmoniously. 

Consider your Desired Visual Effect

Study the relationship of your home to the landscape and street. It is located in the middle of big trees? If so, you might pick a slightly lighter or brighter color to make sure it stands out. 

Think about the Architectural Style of your Home

Your exterior paint must feel appropriate for your home’s style. You can find a lot of historically accurate color collections that can be a great springboard for our palette. Also, consulting with a reputable painting company like Spray-Net will help you make the right choice. If you don’t want to stick strictly to historical guidelines, just ensure you don’t stray too far from them. 

Some homeowners prefer to jazz up the past by painting with modern colors to highlight architectural details. Bright colors can produce exciting results on old architectural details. But, you have to check with your local historic commission.

Select Many Paint Shades

When considering an exterior scheme for your home, you need a dominant color, an accent color that brings smaller areas to life, and trim color for trims. Trim colors must contrast with the dominant color. If you chose dark as your main hue, think about a pale shade like classic white trim. You can always go bold with accent colors just as long as you don’t go overboard. 

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