Getting rid of excess stuff? Rent a self storage unit for safekeeping

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If you’re trying to free up space in your home, you face a difficult choice. You either bite the bullet and get rid of all your clutter or you keep it and continue living in cramped conditions. Neither solution seems ideal. What if you don’t actually want to get rid of some of your stuff? What then? 

The good news is that there is a solution to this little dilemma. It turns out that you can have your cake and eat it too. It’s called self-storage. 

Use Self-Storage To Get Rid Of Excess Stuff

The concept behind self-storage is simple. Instead of keeping all of your possessions at home, you send them to a third-party storage unit. The storage provider then keeps your stuff until you need to reaccess it, freeing up space and allowing you to retain ownership. 

The benefits of using self-storage over keeping stuff on your property are considerable. 

First, you finally free yourself from clutter. Clutter isn’t just an annoyance; it can also damage your wellbeing. Cluttered environments are more stressful and make it more challenging to concentrate on your work – a problem if you work from home. 

Second, you free up space to store all of the things that you need. Excess stuff can leave your closets and cupboards overloaded. By clearing out all of the belongings you don’t need right now, you instantly make your existing spaces far more usable. 

Thirdly, self-storage is typically a much better option than using, say, a garden shed. For starters, you don’t displace any of your other possessions when you use self-storage. But more importantly, it offers better security. Your shed’s security is often little more than a padlock – easily surmounted by today’s criminals. But a self-storage unit uses multiple security systems to keep thieves out. 

Self-storage units themselves, for instance, are often a solid metal box. Entry of any kind is practically impossible without the correct keycode. Storage companies also use 24-hour security staff and CCTV to monitor all parts of their facility, alerting guards and the police of an intrusion. Finally, most storage units are behind perimeter fences on in locked warehouses, again making theft difficult. 

Self-Storage Protects Your Items Against The Weather

Environmental damage is often something that people overlook when investigating potential storage solutions, but it’s a genuine problem. Keeping things in your shed or, heaven forbid, outside in your garden, will lead to substantial damage. 

Mice, for instance, might get into your shed and start chewing their way through your furniture. Water might also leak in during a storm, leading to damp and mould buildup. 

Self-storage, by contrast, prevents any environmental damage. Operators keep all your stuff in sealed storage units, many of which are environmentally controlled. What’s more, because self-storage units offer so much space, you can bubble wrap your most delicate items, preventing damage while in transit. 

So, in summary, if you want to get rid of excess stuff but don’t want to sell it or throw it out for good, self-storage is probably your best option. Will you try it? 


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