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To arrange the equipment easily, the bathroom is divided into functional areas. In a large bathroom, you can organize the equipment with an “island” in the middle of the room and allocate another area to the simulator. The fort worth plumber is the best option here.

Large bathroom

You can zonify so that some people do not use it by interfering with each other at the same time.

Zoning agent

If the bathroom is divided by segmentation, it is best that it is desirable. It is suitable for cabinet with shelves for accessories, if made waterproof.

Small bathroom

In small bathrooms, you can abandon the standard shower enclosure, separating the showers with a glass door.

Bathroom equipment

There are bathrooms in the bedrooms with a bath, bath or jacuzzi, shower, toilet and bidet.

Of the furniture used explorer to store hygienic items, clean and dirty laundry, hanging for dress and fitting towels. Toilet and wash basin is the minimum number of guest bathrooms series. In the guest bathroom add cabin shower

Stylish equipment

The style of the bathroom depends largely on the style of sanitary ware and accessories installed there. The unusual shape of the bath offers exclusive rooms for the entire room.

Washing bathroom

In the first floor bathroom you can provide a place for washing machine and container for washing.

Choose economic plumbing

The modern bathroom has everything you need to make the most pleasure from communicating with the water. But at the same time they install equipment that restricts usable water waste. Savings are the use of mixtures that do not allow water to be over-consumed, since its temperature and head are easy to adjust. Such a mixture removes the free flow of water to the free movement of handling only to 50% of the travel (a special limit placed on the cartridge in the mixture limits the movement of handling). If you need to increase the pressure, the handle must be raised by effort. With a small one like the air mixture in the water with the help of an aerator, force and size of the jet is still there.

In the central center, corresponding to 34-42 ° C, the most frequently used mixer handling, it is more often turned, and the device lasts longer. In addition, to save hot water and electricity, the mixer cartridge is designed so that the consumer can choose the most comfortable water temperature for himself.

Bathroom Completion

The bathroom has a higher humidity level, so the finishing materials must be water-resistant, and the materials for the floor – and even slip and allowing the use of hot floors, which will provide feet hot and fast drying of water on the floor outside the ceramic competition tiles, but you can use natural stone, wood, plastic, as well as modern waterproof paints. It is sealed between parts of structures and sealed ends to prevent the moisture from the entry walls.

How to choose a plumber

Before buying a plumber, you must decide on their placement, bathroom design and measuring room, without being mistaken with what. Plumbing should be carried out from one manufacturer. White color ceramics of different brands can vary in shade. Large manufacturers keep a single color map in their subject, allowing them to pick up products of the same color. Building the plumbing for the color of tiles, one tile accompanies you to compare. 


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