Have you tried these technology trends that help sell homes?

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Technology is here to help make our lives easier and the same is true for these technology trends that are dominating the real estate market.

Drone photography — Drones have been widely popular in the past few years in capturing birds-eye views of a home that regular photography can’t get.

When a homeowner is looking to sell their home, a great asset is to have your listing include an aerial view so potential buyers can see how your property stands up against neighbors in the area or how amazing your view is. The more a listing includes, the better chances a homeowner has at getting their property viewed and sold.

Artificial intelligence (AI) — AI technology allows a home buyer a more in-depth and personalized search on homes in the area and price they want. By using this technology on a realtor’s website, a home buyer can tell the system what characteristics they want rather than simply the area and price.

When used correctly, AI will help the home buyer see only properties that match what they want rather than spending hours looking through listings that don’t fit the bill.

Virtual reality tours — This is a huge benefit to both home buyers and sellers. When a seller uses VR technology to create virtual tours of their home, they have a greater chance of selling their home to people in and around the area.

Instead of limiting your home to buyers who are within a certain radius, VR allows a buyer from out of state or out of the country to feel like they are actually inside your home walking around.

As a realtor, this cuts your time from taking a buyer around to multiple properties all over the city and as a buyer, this cuts out potential ‘no’s’ right away.

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