How durable are soft close toilet seats?

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Wait, there are different types of toilet seat?

There are many things we categorize in our home. Maybe you opt for the best fridge available, or you like to cook, so your budget goes into getting the best oven around. But not everyone puts this same thought into their toilet seat choice. But are we missing out by not considering this more? We all have had that moment when the toilet seat slipped out of your hand and crashed closed. The crash as it connects with the toilet is amplified by the fact that we are in a closed space that echoes the sound. Not only that, but there are only so many times you will do this before your seat will need replacing. This is when you will wish you had taken our advice and had a look at some of the better options available for your toilet.

What seat should I choose?

There are a number of different types of toilet seats to choose from, but a good option to eliminate the problem outlined above is to install a soft close toilet seat. Most normal seats have a fast-close mechanism, so they are what cause that crashing sound, and maybe even the ones that trap your finger in a most annoying way. We don’t know about you, but although we like having a clean toilet, the actual cleaning process is something we like to be as easy as possible. 

Why would I opt for a soft close seat?

There is another feature that may sway you towards choosing a soft close toilet seat. They don’t need to be handled as much as a regular seat, so this makes the cleaning of your seat an easier task. They rarely need maintenance, maybe a slight adjustment every so often, but aside from that, they pretty much are maintenance free. If you have kids in the home, this is a great option for you, as it will eliminate those crashes when the kids are a bit overzealous with their putting down of the seat, and also makes sure that those little fingers are protected from getting trapped under the seat. Choosing a soft close toilet seat might be the safest, and the wisest decision that you make when you choose the right toilet seat for your home, learn more.

Will my seat be durable?

Most newer toilet seats are reasonably priced and made with the same materials that your regular seat is made from, or, if you spend a little more, maybe even a more durable material. But the greatest benefit you get when you choose a soft close seat is that there is a lot less banging and wear and tear. The soft close mechanism does away with a lot of the bashing that your toilet seat often endures, so consider this an investment that will pay itself back. Definitely, something to consider, the next time you sit on your tired old regular seat.


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