How to Make a Decision – Short Lets vs Long-term Lets in Malta?


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Compared to earlier, these days you will have more options while looking for rentals. Generally, you will have two options they are, long-term and short-term rentals. A long-term rental is for 12 months or more whereas short-term will be from one day to one week, a month or even up to eight months. 

Modern country like Malta has high living standards at low cost. If you are looking for long term rentals Malta, contact Benestate at Iklin head office. It provides you quality service by offering various options including lavish seafront apartments, historical palazzos, corner penthouse, etc. You can choose anyone as per your preference and budget.

Short lets

Short lets are mostly preferred by tourists, who visit Malta on holidays, or students, who study for a year, or contract employees, etc.

Letting a home help, you to communicate with the local people and you will have a chance to travel all the places. 

Its cost is low compared to hotels.

Long lets

Long term lets are commonly preferred by individuals, who want to live independently. Also, people, who cannot get a home loan or afford for own house will choose it, to save their money.

People who feel paying loans is costlier than paying rent to a home. Even, they will stay in that house for long time that is 40 years or more, until they get retired. 

Nowadays, people don’t want to stay in a place for various reasons like long time studies, work opportunities, interest to visit a new place and communicate with new people.

If you are unable to make decision between long term and short-term rentals, Bensetate Malta Estate Agent will guide you by providing complete information regarding new trends and helps you in choosing the best suitable one at affordable price.

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