How to Purchase and Install Energy Efficient Windows, Doors and Skylights?

The windows, doors and skylights of ENERGY STAR are independently verified and certified to ensure the standard that meets or more than the energy efficiency guidelines by the Environmental Protection Agency of the United State. Often, getting an appropriate and right energy efficient window or a door or skylight, and installing them is difficult. The first challenge to determine which energy efficient equipment works in your climate zone and how to install them. Consult with Cartier Renovations windows to determine which climate zone you belong to and how to get the right energy efficient windows, doors, and skylights and install them properly.

There are five easy steps to purchase appropriate energy efficient windows, doors and skylights. The first step is to determine the ENERGY STAR climate zone for your location. Then, you need to find out the retailer or the manufacturer who has ENERGY STAR doors, windows and skylights. Even if the retailer or the manufacturer deals with the ENERGY STAR equipment, you should never hesitate or neglect to find out the labels and brand symbols of ENERGY STAR on each product.

The ENERGY STAR label is normally placed beside the label of NFRC or National Fenestration Rating Council. When you enter a showroom to purchase energy efficient windows, doors and skylights, you need to clarify whether they have the ENERGY STAR products that are relevant for your climate zone. You can find and choose ENERGY STAR certified windows, doors and skylights in a variety of framing materials in the showroom.

The ENERGY STAR equipment dealing store often offer financial incentives on every purchase of energy efficient windows, doors and skylights. In addition to its long-term energy saving benefits, you can also avail the financial benefits on your purchase of ENERGY STAR materials. You can avail these incentives as local discounts and rebates, and through promotional packages.

You can claim and get federal tax credits in order to install ENERGY STAR windows, doors and skylights, or by doing some other energy efficiency improvement of your house. Go to different ENERGY STAR retailers and get quotations. The cost of complete window replacement and instalment may vary. While dealing with the contractors, you should ask them to differentiate the cost of labour and materials. The ENERGY STAR certified materials may cost more than the non-certified materials.

You should seek professionals for the installation of energy efficient windows, doors and skylight and must stick to the manufacturer’s instructions for installing your windows, doors, and skylights. Evaluate the contractors to ensure best installation of these materials.

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