How to Replace a Garage Door Panel?

Your garage door panels might have been dented or damaged with misuse, or they could just look old and tired after years of wear and tear and so a garage door replacement is needed. Whatever the factor for unsightly garage door panels, you will wish to change them with a preferable choice. Constantly make sure you get the right garage door panels. Examine the make and the design of the existing door because if a garage door panel looks comparable, it may not fit correctly if the incorrect type is picked.

  • Action 1 – Order the Panels

When you have developed who made your garage door, you can purchase your garage door panels. If you have older garages, you might need to get in touch with the supplier straight. Or else, you need to have the ability to order the correct number of garage doors panels through a regional business that sells garage doors.

  • Action 2 – Eliminate the Panels

The first thing you need to do is ensure your automatic garage door opener is unplugged if you have one equipped. When done, open the garage door by hand as well as remove the springs. If you don’t, there’s a great chance the door might spring open while you’re servicing it which could harm the new panels and create injury.

Garage panels are usually signed up with to every other as well as will also have rollers on the side that run into the track that enables the garage door to move up as well as down easily. Unless your door panel goes to the top, you’re going to have to eliminate the panels individually up until you reach the garage door panel you require to replace.

  • Action 3 – Change the Panel

Slide the rollers into the track and slowly lowering the down the panel until it’s touching the panel below it to put in the new panel. This panel will remain in position on the garage door. Affix the new panel to the one listed below it, making use of either screws or a bolt, depending upon the existing attachment on the door.

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