Is Re-roofing Your House A Worthy Investment?

Re-roofing, that was underrated earlier, is actually witnessing increased customers interest. Roof, that used to be a neglected part of a household, seems to have finally started gathering the attention it requires. The reasons that re-roofing is actually more advantageous than it seems are listed below.

  1. It Increases The Sales Value

Re-roofing services at the hands of construction experts like Roof Star roofing can increase the sales value of any house substantially. The high-quality roof replacement materials – like TPO – that these companies use are extremely;

  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Attractive
  1. It Helps In Long-Term Maintenance

Most of the maintenance issues like moisture during monsoons, overheating in summers despite air conditioning, and recurrent faults in electrical wires are actually, directly related to the quality of the roof. 

  • A leaking roof permits water to seep within the walls, and hence, interfere with the electrical wires.
  • Leaks result in excessive moisture during monsoons. 
  • Since ordinary roofs aren’t maintained or weatherproofed, they absorb more heat. It raises the room temperature that requires more air conditioning. 

Clearly, the overall result is excessive electricity bill and over-consumption of power sources. Instead, if you give your roof a repair with coatings like the TPO membrane, all such problems will vanish completely. It is because;

  • TPO coating reflects light instead of absorbing it. It keeps the house cool.
  • TPO material also works as a UV blocker. 
  1. It Reduces Maintenance Cost

One of the ways in which re-roofing saves money is listed above – using TPO coating. Other methods include;

  • Re-roofing services include repair services alongside the entire roof replacement.
  • In case, you just want a repair, you can choose from a bundle of services that professional companies like Roof Star roofing offer – Leak Repair Services and Roof cleaning services.  

Nevertheless, whichever option you choose (depending upon your budget), it will end up;

  • Increasing the life of your property 
  • Saving overall annual maintenance cost

Having said that, some of the best roof choices that are offered by expert service providers like Roof Star Roofing include the following. 

  1. Green Roof Installation 
  2. Roof Asphalt Shingles
  3. Elastomeric membrane for flat roof 
  4. Asphalt Roofing and gravel
  5. Roofing membrane EPDM
  6. Roof insulation
  7. Roof ventilation 

Also, if you like tiling options, you can always choose from the following most popular types that are currently in trend.  

  1. Diagonal tiles
  2. Libowa tiles
  3. Milano tiles
  4. Wood tiles
  5. Fangwa tiles 
  6. Katusawa tiles
  7. Rainbow tiles


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