Reasons why should hire an arborist for your lawn

An arborist is a professional expert who takes care of the plants in your lawn.  These people are trained in tree maintenance, planting of a tree and have deep knowledge about species of the trees. A professional arborist should be certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). These professionals have passed exams on trees, thus have experience and knowledge of tree maintenance. Hiring a Tree service Toronto will manage your lawn and provide tips to maintain the trees:

Services provided by a certified arborist:

1)    Pruning of trees:  Pruning means trimming the dead or leaned branches. It prevents the dead parts of the trees from falling on the structure and people. It also provides a proper shape and structure of the tree. Risky, broken, infected, weak and decayed parts of trees like branches and limbs of the trees are removed by pruning.

2)    Removal of the tree: Though it is emotionally painful to remove a tree, a professional arborist recommends a total tree removal under the following conditions:

  1. If the tree is either dead or decayed.
  2. If the tree is leaning and is about to fall
  3. If the tree is a risk to life, structure, and vehicle.
  4. If your lawn is overcrowded and preventing other trees to grow healthy.
  5. If you want better varities for plantation.
  6. If any tree is blocking any construction.
  7. If any tree is in poor condition and is hazardous.

3)    Planting species of trees: It requires a lot of knowledge and experience to decide what species you should plant in your lawn. The person should have knowledge of topography and climatic conditions of the place.  An arborist can advise you with the various varieties of plants that can grow best in the place. If you plant a tree which is not perfect for the soil type and the environmental conditions of the place, then the life span of the tree is reduced.

4)    Get pictures of the specimens from an arborist: You can ask for the pictures of the specimens of various plants that suit best for your lawn and can visualize how your lawn will look after the plantation.

5)   Regular maintenance and care of the lawn: By hiring the services of a professional Tree service Toronto, you are free from the care and maintenance of your lawn. The professional arborist will regularly check the trees of your lawn, inspect for any sort of infections, pest and insect infestation and other symptoms of tree stress. Thus, the problem gets corrected at a very early stage and protects the tree from dying. Other services include fertilization, manuring, watering, soil aeration, preventing trees and weak branches from falling, preventing decaying of trees, preventing broken and dead limbs to cause any damage in case of the hazardous condition and do tree removal only if necessary in extreme conditions.

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