Smart Options for the Custom Visuals and The Events

It happens so that even the most eminent publicists with some professional problems faced by first time. One of these tasks is the organization of a status event. Not all of us have the opportunity to hire an event agency for the organization, so we often have to do it ourselves and who should ask advice, if not from event-managers themselves?  You can also make use of the custom visuals at events also.

We conducted a small survey among interns at Agency on the topic of what questions are most interesting for beginning PR managers about organizing events and working with celebrity. And they tried to honestly answer the most popular of them.

What problems are most often encountered during the event, and what should not be forgotten?

Ideally, at each event there are partners of the event who support it with their goods or products. The main task of a professional organizer is to think over the event so that everything necessary for it is on the site the day before the event itself.

Since on the date of the holiday, according to statistics, so small questions (which take a lot of time to solve them and get off track) come up. It is better not to risk it. Example: delivery of alcohol on an event day. Never avoid this for several reasons:

  • Trucks tend to break.
  • The human factor is not eradicated (to oversleep, get sick and even change your mind to participate in the event is a common thing for people).

How to think over the budget? What little things to consider?

A budget is a fairly amorphous definition. For example, the specifics of our company specifically are partnerships. We make turnkey events exclusively on the barter, right down to the venue and performing artists. Example: it’s profitable for new venues to present themselves for events, to attract a new audience and for media supporting the event to write about the venue. This is also one of the reasons why the partners of the event (various company formats who give celebrities and media representatives their products) take part in the celebration. As for the distinguished guests themselves, the simplest thing is that they come for good gifts. Even photographers often work for free (or for gifts from partners), because they can put celebrity photos to their portfolio.

Of course, in any case, there is a minimum expenditure printing a press wall, invitations, etc. Returning to the first question, this also needs to be done in a few days, so as not to overpay for a new press wall in the event of a malfunction of the printing house or if the person who was supposed to bring the printing products on the day of the event became ill, slept through the list of standard reasons.

Does it happen that journalists do not come at all? What to do in such a situation?

A professional agency has a number of media representatives who write announcements and reports always remotely. In this case, gifts for event support are delivered by courier. Therefore, if journalists did not come at all, we must work with them after the event.

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