The Best Guide to Turning Used Wood Pallets into New Items

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Pallets serve a significant purpose which is to load and transport goods through a truck, forklift, or ship. But, after this purpose, they can also be re-used to make different works of furniture art like coffee tables, picture frames, shelving, and bunk beds, and others. But, before getting pallets, it’s important to keep in mind that they can be dangerous because of the chemical spills and treatments they may have. Fortunately, you can build your own pallets buying a hardwood cut stock from your local supplier. The guide below can help you in terms of finding the best pallets:

Pallet Styles

Pallets are not made equal and you can find a variety of style in the market. When choosing pallets, you must look for the safest and best materials. Pallet styles include reversible, wing type, close boarded with no baseboard, four-way entry, and others.  

Picking a Safe Pallet

If you prefer to use ready-to-use pallets or those that have been used many times for transporting a variety of materials, you may end up with pallets with spills from different products and spills. When choosing a pallet, check if you find any spill and discard any, along with stains and strange discolouration. Then, check for a marking or stamp on its stringers or sides. In case there are no numbers, symbols, or words stamped or etched, you have probably found a clean and safe pallet. 

Pallet Finishing Tips

After you find and break down the pallet into pieces or buy wood for pallet from a supplier, you have to cut, shape, sand, and finish the materials before assembling them into a new item. Most pallets are unfinished but you can find smooth wood for pallets from a lumber yard. In case you end with rough wood, sand it down to a smooth surface but just enough not to eliminate the patina of the pallet’s natural state. A quick pass through a wood planer will be enough to achieve a clean, crisp wood. If you prefer the tarnished veneer of your pallet with a smooth touch, try to use natural beeswax finishing products to highlight its well-worn finish without splinters hanging around. 

As you start cutting and shaping pallet materials, avoid making cuts near nail holes, cracks, or splits in the wood. When wood ages on pallets, it tends to shrink which makes it more susceptible to splitting and breaking when you cut it.  

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