The Finest Use of the Exterior Doors for You

Owners often look at the appearance of a front door, forgetting to look at the magnifying glass its technical characteristics. This is a big mistake. Why? Because, the first function of a door of residence resides in its capacity to protect the houses or apartments on landing. At a time when the number of burglaries continues to climb, it is essential to ensure his safety and that of his loved ones. So, what to look for before buying a secure gateway? The answer to this question is in this article.

Front door: which material to choose?

A door must be solid, you will agree. The materials are numerous and it is not always easy to make the right choice.

PVC: the PVC door is one of the cheapest. However, be careful, not all are equal. It is essential that your door is equipped with metal frames so that intruders cannot get into your home. Specially for the exterior doors  this is very important.

Wood: The wooden entrance door is very much appreciated for its elegance, but also for its robustness. However, you must ensure that it is equipped with adequate locks to ensure your safety at all times. Some woods need to be treated to maintain their strength over time. Check with your seller at the time of purchase.

Aluminum: Although more expensive than the products shown above, the aluminum entry door is the reference opening for proper protection. Solid, durable, durable, easy to maintain, the aluminum entry door quickly discourages burglars who have no choice but to go their own way.

Obviously the security door remains the ultimate solution to protect you against break-ins.

There are steel doors, mixed material (aluminum + wood), composite ( fiberglass ), or with a secure glass panel.

Entrance door: how to equip it?

Having a solid front door is a good thing, but that is not everything. Indeed, it is also necessary to equip it correctly. How? ‘Or’ What? By providing it with the right security systems.

Locks: it is advisable to invest in locks of at least three points. If the one on which you set your sights is equipped with a shooting lock, it’s even better.

PVC door

Hinges: These small devices are used to keep your door in place. If they are not installed properly, it will be easy for the burglar to dislodge the door panel. To avoid such mishaps, make sure that the hinges are fixed to the frames of the frame and the opening.

Electronic security systems: video intercom, badge reader and videophone are state of the art equipment that ensures the safety of the inhabitants in an optimal way. They allow the latter to control the identity of visitors and filter entries.


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