The Perfect Sprinkler Options You Can Go for

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Do you recognize this? The moment you go to bed in the evening you realize that the garden sprinkler is still on and not for a while, but actually all evening. It’s a waste of water and you still have to go outside to take out the garden sprayer. Automatic garden sprinklers are the success behind every green flowering garden and spray grass and plants at the right moments. 

An overview of different automatic garden sprinklers

From very smart to the cheapest garden sprayer and one that still needs a little help and then does the work automatically.

Smart automatic garden sprinklers

Spray when your soil really requires it. That is of course super convenient, environmentally conscious and the best for your garden and your wallet. The Gardena watering set A 1020 has a water timer and a sensor that measures the humidity of the soil. If the soil is too dry, the sprayer will switch on automatically until the soil is sufficiently moist. You set how moist you want the soil to be and when it is allowed to spray during the day.

  • A big advantage, you place the two humidity sensors in the driest places in your garden without having to connect them to the timer with a wire. 
  • The two water outlets are also super handy, so that you spray exactly the part of your garden that needs water.
  • You can set the soil moisture at five different levels and set the timer at two times in the morning and evening. Just like with his cheaper brother, you can also take the display off here to set up the water computer.

Automatic garden sprinkler exactly on time

The last thing you want is that you will be surprised by the garden sprayer if you still enjoy your garden in the evening. For each day of the week you set a program that lasts from 1 minute to a maximum of 2 hours. Do you want to spray twice in a day? No problem. In between giving some water on a dry day? You can turn on the water timer manually.

Often the automatic garden sprayer is not in the most comfortable place to program it. 

What happens if the battery is empty and the spray installation is on? Well, you don’t want to experience that. It iscertainly not when you are on vacation.

Garden sprinkler for water tank and water tap

The Gardena Water Timer is an automatic garden sprayer that also works without water pressure. 

Specially intended to use water that you collect in a water tank

Of course you can also attach this water sprayer to the tap. With the special card you can set the moments at which you want spraying. For each day you can set three watering programs that vary from 1 minute to three hours.

The sprinkler repair dallas service is especially useful if you do not want to spray your garden for more than a certain amount of time without any issue. Set the duration, open the tap and after five to a maximum of 120 minutes the water timer automatically stops spraying.

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