The uninterruptible server for all network-related power supply accidents

Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS is a household name associated with computers. However, given the extent of the advantages that can be attained by incorporating the usage of UPS for electronic equipment, it can be ascertained that UPS utility goes beyond the scope of only computers. These devices are being used not only for commercial purposes but are also gaining a lot of popularity in various corporate sectors as well.

UPS of Venus series

Venus 1000 or Vnu1000 is one such Uninterruptible Power Supply apparatus that can offer power backup to various electronic systems. UPS of Venus range have been majorly classified into seven groups. These are:

  • Tower UPS
  • VNU 1000P
  • VNU 2000P
  • VNU 3000P
  • VNU 5KP
  • VNU6KP
  • VNU 10KP

Above classifications are further divided into their subheads.

Vnu1000 has the capacity to take the load of 1000VA or 900WA. The controller of VNU1000 is that of ‘intelligent UPS with DSP control’. It gives a minimum backup of 4 minutes that can be increased with its expansion.

How can UPS assist the users of electronic systems?

Uninterruptible Power Supply [เครื่องสำรองไฟ, which are the term in Thai] offers three kinds of services:

  1. After the main power supply fails to do so, UPS utilizes AC/DC inverter in order to offer standby to the electronic system, for example, a computer. This process only takes around 25 milliseconds but it is one of the most necessary ones.
  2. A UPS is able to increase or decrease the transformer’s output voltage by using technologies of multi tap or variable voltage autotransformer. Such a process helps in guaranteeing power supply to continue for even up to hours if it has been expanded as per the needs.
  3. A UPS allows double-conversion online for the electronic system when a rectifier is used to direct the AC/DC converter.

Therefore, the above stated three major services indicate that UPS can prove to be a necessity for all the systems that run electronically. The backup power supply is necessary in order to allow the user to safeguard his or her data and safely turn off the system.

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