What are the Pros and Cons of installing new windows?

With the purchase of a new house or looking at renovating a person’s current home, there are many options for remodeling. One of the options available is the installation of new windows, but what are the advantages and disadvantages of having new windows installed?

There are many different types of windows that can be installed in a home and all of them have their own prices, but looking at the chief advantages of having new windows installed starts with heating costs and energy efficiency. When it comes to heating, older windows usually aren’t as efficient as new windows. So, it might cost thousands of dollars to install new windows, but the moment they are installed, they begin to save money on heating costs. This can save hundreds of dollars a year, which brings up another advantage of installing new windows: they’ll eventually pay for themselves!

The savings don’t end there, either. What keeps a home warm in the summer can also keep it cool in the summer. Insulation is designed to keep things the way they are inside. So, having an air conditioner in an energy-efficient home means that the cool air will leave the house at a slower rate as well.

Resale value is also a major consideration in purchasing new windows. The beauty of a home affects its value. New windows make a house look better and allow for a better asking price. Not only that, but they also add to the security of the people looking at that house.

Finally, improvement to the manufacture of windows of the years has made them more durable and well-made than just a decade ago. This means that having new windows means better soundproofing and improved safety.

The greatest disadvantage is the cost. New windows aren’t a cheap thing to buy and they can also take a while to install, but they are worth the time and money! 

The best way to keep costs down is to decide on what the windows will be made of. Vinyl windows, for instance, are cheaper to buy than fiberglass windows. 

Wood is a commonly used material for windows, but less so than in previous years. The biggest issue with wood is that it does degrade faster over time. Aluminum is a durable material to use, but can corrode.

Fiberglass is seeing a great deal of use now and is not just durable but it is also energy-efficient. They also tend to be a more inexpensive option. Vinyl windows are even less expensive than fiberglass but they also need to be replaced sooner.

Once a material is decided on then construction can begin, but only after a decision is made on what type of window needs to be installed. There are many types, including sash, sliding, and casement windows, but a window specialist can give advice on which option is the best one.

In the end, it’s money savings in the long term that lend the biggest advantage to having new windows installed, but there are other pros as well including home value and durability.

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