What to ask a roofing contractor before they get started.

A roofing contractor is a must in today’s day and age for anyone looking to replace their roof. No one likes to go into that experience without knowing at least a few of the basics before they get started. Here are a few questions to ask a roofing contractor:

Can I get an estimate? This is the first question to ask before hiring a contractor and it’s the most important one. Hiring a contractor, sight unseen, is not a good idea and a prospective customer needs to know what they’re in for when the bill arrives. It’s also a good idea to pin down at least three contractors and get estimates from all of them.

Once those estimates are in, always remember that the cheapest isn’t necessarily the best. The details of the list are important to look at. A less expensive contractor might look like the better choice until one sees that the cheaper one has a list of expenses that is too short. That might mean that hidden fees might apply later.

Are there any former projects completed in the area? This is a good way to know what the contractor’s work actually looks like in real life. A good contractor has usually had quite a few previous projects in the past and can readily point out a few they’ve worked on. This is a great opportunity to go and see their handiwork to ensure that a customer is getting a good roofing contractor and they should be proud of their work.

What’s your schedule? This is something that needs to be asked early on. If a roof needs to be replaced or repaired soon and they won’t be able to get to it for months, then it’s best to find another one who can do the work within the needed time.

How long will it take? Once a customer knows when a contractor is available to work, they will also want to know how long it will take, just so that everything goes according to plan. Not asking this at the beginning of a project can lead to trouble down the road. A contractor who isn’t asked this might just believe they have more time to complete work than they actually do.

Are building permits required? This is a must to ask. A contractor might just assume that a customer has already gotten one, or they might assume the opposite and go out and get a second one. The customer and the contractor need to be on the same page, so the question needs to be asked. If a permit is required then a customer must ask who is responsible for obtaining it.

What about safety for property and family? This is a necessary one to ask and the contractor should have an answer readily available, if they don’t then find out why. 

Once a customer’s asked these basic questions, they’re ready to move on to making that roofing project happen!

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