Why Use a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

You are too busy! You want to boost your sales income, but you have no time for even properly maintaining the tasks you now have. You really want a 7-figure income, and just after a sale, dare to dream of another digit. Then you get back late to the office and see your email inbox, the blinking light on the phone that tells you there is unanswered voice mail… Does this sound like you? If so, it is time to consider finding a real estate virtual assistant.

A real estate virtual assistant (REVA) can be entrusted with the various mundane time-consuming aspects of working in real estate. Are all those emails relevant for the next few sales? A REVA can sort those emails for you in terms of importance and sideline the information-only ones. Some voice mails require immediate response, but others may wait or even be ignored; Your REVA, like a personal secretary, can receive those calls as they come in and alert you to those which should have your immediate attention. You need some brochures printed for an open house, but they will need to first be designed, double-checked for accuracy, then printed. REVAs can do much of that work according to your standards and get the job sent to a local printer (perhaps even within your own office). They can place ads in local magazines for the slower-selling properties and update website information. A local-region-savvy REVA can easily make sure that work is done on time and within budget.

As you now know, REVAs are much more than just inside sales agents. They can do your graphic design work, send out regular mailers, write and create buyers’ packets, and even submit blog posts. Some types of REVAs can do accounting functions, research the local market trends, search for potential local markets, collect feedback, and other chores. They can also help with managing your calendar and organizing your personal life.

Before you try looking for a good REVA, you need to examine your own personal business habits. What things in your life often make you sit down and eat more time than necessary? Email can easily do that, especially informational email, where one subject runs into an interesting tangent, then another, and soon they are no longer work-related. Some customers will dump their lives upon you, while others will not easily give you relevant information. A REVA could help with those things.

How do you choose a REVA? First, decide your budget. The better and more specialized the service, the more expensive it will be. Those familiar with local market conditions may be much more expensive than those who have general skills that could still save a lot of time. You may simply want a project-based VA, such as for those brochures or bi-hourly email checks. Once you get familiar with how to work with a REVA, you might hire one part-time, or even go for a dedicated 24-7 REVA service company. 

Choosing the right one is difficult. Check out How to Use a Real Estate Virtual Assistant to Grow Your Business for a great overview.

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